The Art of Woven Rug Cleaning is a Long Nurtured Tradition

Woven Rug Cleaners London

Rugs Through the Ages

Many people love rugs. Others not so much. No matter what people think this beautiful pieces of handmade floor and wall coverings have been around for thousands of years. And, you’ve guessed correctly, people have been cleaning them since day one.

TLC and expert precision is involved in our rug cleaning process

There have been many different methods of rug cleaning over the centuries – from the simple “take it down the river and wash the thing” simplicity to the take it away to a state-of-the-art off-site wet and dry cleaning facility equipped with the latest machinery, gadgets, air movers, turbo dryers and what have you.

People love a clean rug

While some types of non-fixed floor coverings are very easy to clean and maintain, others have helped develop the most precise dry cleaning techniques and machines, and chemicals for delicate fabrics like silk, cotton, linen etc.

We proud ourselves to have been in the fine art of steam, wet and dry rug cleaning for many years now. Our technicians are careful wizards of patience and tender loving care, when treating your precious masterpieces. We treat area rugs, afghan rugs, wool, woven, silk, synthetic – any kind of rug is a subject of our great attention to detail.